Practice your skills from home with Nithin Mulki & other expert coaches and trainers.

In India cricket is a passion that drives the Nation. It is considered as the religion and cricketers are treated as gods. The main objective of online cricket coaching classes is to develop a good cricketer from the holistic developmental point of view. This course consists of core aspects such as Fundamentals of cricketing techniques, Physical & mental fitness, yoga, food and nutrition, lifestyle, and sports psychology.

The significance of this online platform is to enhance cricketer with practical and value-added knowledge. It also motivates the young budding cricketer in their career progression with our certified experts.

  • In order to provide practical learning outcomes, the trainees will be provided with the practical assignment, which will be assessed by our experts.
  • The trainees will be closely assessed and monitored by our experts, video analysis will be done and technical remedies will be suggested with our experts’ teams.
  • Interactive Live learning sessions will be conducted at regular intervals.